Hero’s Dream of Independence

Hero’s Dream of Independence

Independence of our country, we have long struggle get with the hero and the entire people of Indonesia. They provide all the thoughts and lives bodyes for their grandchildren who will come to be much better. But in fact felt the full independence can not be felt by the entire people of Indonesia. Today there are many, most of our people still live in economic hardship.

Like the street vendors (vendors) are evicted shanties, replaced with a mole-mole, the farmers can plant rice and less able to enjoy the results, the workers who worked factory plants can only work alone, and could not enjoy the results they do, wealth natural wealth so many other people and our society can not enjoy it.

What factors make a big dream destination and the heroes were all gone, just as the discourse of history and old people’s stories. Even the history of this current can not be taken because truth already kink-kink by previous rulers.

Right now our country has a new leader, if he could return the big goals and dreams of the hero, as a motivational spirit of our society to improve the life of all peoples and countries. Indonesia to realize that in accordance with Pancasila and the Constitution of 1945, goals and dreams of the heroes, especially those freedom fighters who died in battle field.


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