A story of a young tiger in Every day living with goat kids. Indirectly goat nature of the properties into tiger Cub behavior followed or indirectly. So what happens is the origin of a wild tiger, devouring goats became friends. Here’s a little analogy, if the forward, who is the tiger? Indonesians tiger. Unfortunately Indonesia does not know if he is the State of the tiger.

Some say Indonesia is the Asian tiger. Looking at the geographical position, located in the middle of two oceans and two continents. With the natural resources are abundant. Spread plant seeds alone to grow, because the proliferation of our earth. Ground that contains a lot of natural wealth. Iron ore, copper, gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas and others contained therein. Vastness of the forest with the cool water and the timber. Oceans with the beauty and richness coral reef therein. Agricultural land that produces the basic needs of life. And the riches of others.

If we calculate the wealth of Indonesia may be our brains are not able to load it. Little example Cepu oil block, how many barrels are produced setipa hour. PT Friport how many kilograms of gold mining in producing every minute, unfortunately we can not take full advantage of our wealth. Mud flood lapindo if we are capable of processing the gas there are many overflowing in vain.

Unfortunately the tiger was still not felt if he was a Fierce tiger and feared by the whole world. Since the tiger had lived too long with the goats, so he did not know if the goat was actually the prey is now prey on goats and even tigers. It’s a very long we live together with foreign countries so that we do not know our true identity, as the State tiger world.


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